Delirium Review

Delirium (2018) Movie Review By Darrin Gauthier

Delirium Review

Director: Dennis Iliadis
Writer: Adam Alleca
Stars: Topher Grace, Genesis Rodriguez, Patricia Clarkson

Plot:  A man recently released from a mental institute inherits a mansion after his wealthy parents die. After a series of disturbing events, he comes to believe it is haunted.

Running Time: 96 Minutes

IMDB Score:  5.4

Why I Watched It: This is Netflix’s fault and the trailer looked decent.

Random Thoughts: I had never heard of this film then I saw the trailer then like two days later it was on itunes then three days after that it dropped on Netflix, that was very quick.  To be honest this really looked like it just got dumped on streaming with hardly any buzz.

A little side note, Leonardo DiCaprio is a producer on this.

What I Liked:  This is one of those movies where the set and what might happen is better than what we got, the idea works for a B-Movie horror film a guy gets out of an asylum and goes back to his family home loaded with secrets and crap happens and the big thing is the main set up is he crazy or is this really happening.  So I liked the idea even though it’s been done but it good be done again and done well.

The film is shot well and looks good and yes they use the house very effectively.  The film is kind of creepy and the tone is decent.

The acting is fine, look lots of people have a problem with Topher Grace but he’s decent here not great but he does his job. Clarkson and Rodriguez are good but wasted here.  They really have nothing to do and honestly both characters good just be cut from the film and not much changes, they’re more red herrings than characters.

What I Didn’t Like: Even going in and not expecting much this film is a disappointment on many levels, it’s not a horror film, it’s kind of a thriller with no thrills and the film just recycles stuff from better films.  The biggest sin is that it’s boring.

There’s so many thing they could have done with this premise they could have went ultra weird or go full out horror but they chose the middle and they do pretty much what you would guess they would do but they do it without any energy or any real effort.  This film is a case study in a film being by the numbers not one interesting idea in the film.

A side note here, a huge nitpick and I bring it up because they use it as a plot point, there’s a big deal of Topher Grace needing his medication and it’s looked on as he wants to get high or they use it as something to hold over his head, he just got out of the loney bin he would have to be on meds, and you can’t withhold them from him especially if you’re a cop.  There’s the big why do you need them scene and I’m looking at the screen going really?

The film so wants to be an old school chiller, big old house, buried secrets, crazy people running around, maybe ghosts but what it turns out being is really nor fish or fowl, just a very predictable and boring thriller.

Final Thoughts: Not worth a watch, it’s not horrible but it’s a film you’ll forget in a couple of days and in a few months you won’t even recall if you’ve seen it.

Rating: 3/10

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