Seven in Heaven Review

Seven In Heaven (2018) Movie Review By Darrin Gauthier

Seven in Heaven

Director: Chris Eigeman
Writer: Chris Eigeman
Stars: Jacinda Barrett, Haley Ramm, Travis Tope

Plot:  Sixteen-year-old Jude discovers that each and every one of his fears is true.

Running Time: 94 Minutes

IMDB Score: 5.4

Why I Watched It: The trailer looked decent and it says it’s a horror film, I blame Netflix.

Random Thoughts: This is actor Chris Eidgeman directorial debut, he also wrote it.  Just want to say I got the plot from IMDB and boy is that dumb and really makes so sense to the film it’s not only vague but misleading so kudos.  Also this is very debatable that this film is a horror film but it’s close to Halloween so we’ll allow it, I watched it cause that’s what I thought it was.

What I Liked: The set up is solid, a party with a bunch of kids and we play the famous 7 minutes in heaven or three minutes, spoiler I never played that game.  After that the film gets very weird and very strange, we’re not sure what’s going on but it’s ten kinds of mixed up.  On paper it’s a decent gimmick for a horror/Sci-Fi flick, you can go in many different directions and the film plays with that pretty well in the beginning.  No doubt the best part of the film is the main idea, the execution, well let’s leave that for later.

The main cast is very good I really liked Haley Ramm, she was strong and very liable and Travis Tope was smart to under play, he doesn’t scream or yell he plays it mostly internally.  Oh and Gary Cole is in the movie, I love Gary Cole, sadly like most of the films he’sin he’s not in it enough, I wish the film was about his character cause he’s very interesting and he’s having fun.

The film is a mess by the end but I will say I did care what happened to the two leads and I do think the film is better with them together, the first part was just Tope and it kind of lacked energy.

What I Didn’t Like: Seven In Heaven is another film that fails to follow up on a good idea and have the plot make sense. The film throws weird crap at us and as it goes we can’t figure out what’s going on and you realize there’s no way the filmmakers are going to be able to give us satisfying answers.  The big fault of this film is they don’t explain anything well and when they do it doesn’t make sense and by the end you just stare blankly and go what?  Really?

Sadly the film falls apart on the screenplay level,  the film has nowhere smart to go, sure they throw in some tension and the actors sell it but it goes nowhere.  Two teenagers go in a closet and come out to something “weird and scary” but we never learn why or how.  The film just turns keeps moving and I think they hope you forget to ask why or how?

I wish they would have just went with a parallel universe or something and really Sci-Fi’d it up but they didn’t they do throw a couple of answers at us but they don’t really track and we end up with a confusing plot that just isn’t satisfying.

Final Thoughts: The film is watchable and it’s done well it just didn’t work for me. I liked the idea just didn’t like where the film went with it.

Rating: 4/10

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