Emelie Review

Emelie (2015) Movie Review

Director: Michael Thelin
Writers: Richard Raymond Harry Herbeck (screenplay by), Richard Raymond Harry Herbeck (story by)
Stars: Sarah Bolger, Carly Adams, Elisha Ali

When a couple decides to go out on the night to celebrate their anniversary, they hire a sitter to look after their 3 children.  Seemingly sweet and caring on the outside, what’s hiding inside soon becomes a nightmare for the kids throughout the night as her tragic past unlocks a quite sickening plot to “right” her wrong.

Though not an inherently original plot, the delivery itself is a bit of an eye-opener in any light.  “Anna” (Bolger) immediately puts up red flags as soon as she enters the picture but it’s her despicable actions that really would make any parent of young children viewing this get a little shudder.

Letting the kids do as they please is one thing but forcing them to view private videos and sacrifice the family pet for enjoyment is a different kind of sick.  There is a bit of hesitation felt within the unfolding story but not enough to make one want to just shut down and give up.  The children’s portrayal of concern and distress is believable, which pretty much the entire film is riding on.

This is really a cut-and-paste type of thriller the likes of which we’ve seen in Orphan or any other identity theft thriller, a good-time killer at best.  If thought out some and written well enough, potential sequels could follow in the vein of Alex Cross even and that would be well worth the time.

Not a must-see but a good view nonetheless.  Enjoy

Grade: B

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