The Perfection Review

The Perfection (2018) Movie Review By Steven Wilkins

The Perfection Review

Director: Richard Shepard
Writers: Eric C. Charmelo, Richard Shepard
Stars: Allison Williams, Logan Browning, Alaina Huffman, Steven Weber

This thriller/horror follows Charlotte (Williams), a musical prodigy as she returns to the school that honed her skills as a youth before her mother took ill forcing her to leave. Upon return she is immediately befriended by Lizzie (Browning), a fellow prodigy. They quickly become an item enjoying each other’s company at the very demanding request of Lizzie.

After a night out together, Lizzie sets out on a low key journey to make a date for her next concert. Along the way she’s stricken with a mysterious illness that harkens to the call of Contracted (2013).

As to not give much away, because this is a twist filled film, we the viewers are taken on an eye opening ride from that point on. A little bit of horror, deception, thrills and shock value, The Perfection is direct to the point never really giving you a reason to want to look away. Not exactly a family movie…at all, so it’s best to sit the kids out for this one. Well worth the view though, enjoy.

Grade: A-


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