In The Tall Grass Review

In the Tall Grass (2019) Movie Review

Director: Vincenzo Natali
Writers: Vincenzo Natali, Stephen King (based on the novella by)
Stars: Laysla De Oliveira, Avery Whitted, Patrick Wilson

As much as I love and appreciate time loop films, In the Tall Grass really fails to deliver anything new. When pregnant Becky (Oliveira) and  her brother Cal (Whitted) pull over during a road trip, they hear a young boys (Bruie) cry for help inside a field of tall grass. Naturally,  they enter the field in search of the child only to soon realise something is very wrong with time itself.

As the 2 search for and soon find the child, the plot then starts to unravel and though it gets good it never really gets great.  The limbo is fine but more would have been welcomed.  There are some notable moments and a few dropped balls.

Patrick Wilson has a supporting role and is quite excellent.  The rest of the cast is engaging, could both be dialled up or down a tad.

In short, if you like Time loop films, this is a solid enough thriller to sit and enjoy one time.  Not a must-see but worth the time. Enjoy

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