Headcount Review

Headcount (2018) Movie Review

Director: Elle Callahan
Writers: Elle Callahan (story), Michael Nader
Stars: Isaac Jay, Jay Lee, Ashleigh Morghan

Another great idea on paper poorly delivered on screen.  Head Count is a (for what its worth) horror film set in the supernatural.  Following Evan (Isaac Jay) and his brother Peyton (Rowe) as they meet up for some bonding time, the 2 run into a group of friends heading to a secluded location to party for a few days.  Evan hits it off with one of the members of the party, Zoe (Morghan) and decides to join them for their vacation time.  During the first night around a campfire, scary stories are told.  Evan, not knowing any is prompted to read from a site that holds a plethora of tales.  When he chooses the tale of the Hisji, the group accidentally summons an entity known for being a doppelganger hiding in plain sight to claim its victims.

This movie really suffers from bland gaps in action due to not fleshing any characters out and not enough consecutive thrills.  When the suspense kicks in, it does well, but for whatever reason, it never once capitalizes on itself to finish the job.  In short, if there’s a grittier directors cut, one would definitely want to see it i’m sure, there’s a lot of potential here, even within a second go.

The creepy moments are creepy, the story is good but overall, the poor execution makes this movie a dud in the end.

Grade: C-

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