Family Blood Review

Family Blood (2018) Movie Review

Director: Sonny Mallhi
Writers: Nick Savvides, Sonny Mallhi
Stars: Vinessa Shaw, James Ransone, Colin Ford

Ellie (Shaw), a recovering drug addict moves to a new city with her children to start over. After attending a meeting one night, she’s met by a man named Christopher (Ransone) who gifts her with a way to end her addiction problem. Unfortunately, said gift comes with its own problem when Ellie finds she has an insatiable appetite for blood.

This supernatural horror really has one glaring issue in that when it comes time for action it backs out last second which is a huge letdown given the implications made within said scenes. Had they jus gone all out and let the gore shine, this dark tale easily could top a list. Overall, it’s not a bad movie. In another light, it’s really an origin story that could setup a deeper story in a sequel.

On the plus side, the tone is nice, the action is good and the characters are interesting enough. Again, should another installment become of this, hopefully they cut loose and let horror aspect really be just that. Family Blood is flawed some but overall very enjoyable.

Grade B-

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