Chauncey Telese


Name: Chauncey Telese
Position: Writer
Born: Tarzana, CA
Living: Santa Clarita, CA

How I got into movies: I’m an only child so I’ve always had to find a way to entertain myself.

What I love about movies: I love being taken to new worlds whether they be a galaxy far far away or the lives of people I normally don’t get to interact with. I love to get to know characters and vicariously have experiences I otherwise wouldn’t get to have.

Favourite Films: Creating a definitive list of favourites is a maddening exercise so here’s a handful of favourites. The Empire Strikes Back, Boogie Nights, Goodfellas, Who Framed Roger Rabit, Balzzing Saddles, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Tommy Boy.

Favourite Actors: Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, Roy Scheider, Gene Wilder, Robin Williams, Gene Hackman

Why I started writing: I love having conversations with people about anything and everything. Once again as an only child I didn’t get to engage much unless I was out in the world.

Favourite Genres: Comedy first and foremost. I love to laugh. I love all genres though.