Gianni Damaia


Name: Gianni Damaia
Position: Writer
Born: Washington D.C. (currently NYC based) 

How I Got Into Movies: I got into movies as a kid watching incredibly inappropriate things for my age. I went to college studying film acting and work as a writer, director, and actor in my time that’s not dedicated to reviewing. I’m obsessed. 

What I Love About Movies: I love movies because they’re magic. You can look at them and instinctually connect or relate to something within it that you never knew about yourself before. They combine every art form imaginable to best tell a story. 

Favourite Films: Favourite Film of all time is The Departed. Followed by Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master and The Lord of The Rings Return of The King.

Favourite Actors: Daniel Day Lewis is the GOAT, but I have a weird, undefinable obsessions with Ben Affleck, don’t hate me. 

Why I started Writing: I started writing in High School. It sparked from my best friend and I deciding we had too many movie opinions to not share them with the world. We started a blog called EbertsDisciples, which we no longer run, but we’d would love to do something with that name again. 

Favourite Genres: Favourite Genre? I’m biased to westerns as of late, but I like to think of myself as a jack of all trades.