Gerry Brown & Elizabeth Brown (The Moviie Couple)


Name: Gerry Brown & Elizabeth Brown (The Moviie Couple)
Position: Writers
Born: 1968

How I Got Into Movies:  I was raised by my aunt in a dysfunctional family. She always took me to movies as escapism. She is still with me and the thing we like to do most is go to movies together!

Favourite Films: Rocky/Jaws!  Raiders of Lost Ark!  Star Wars! More recently John Wick series!  Love Comic Book Films! All of them!

Favourite Actors: Hardy! Hemsworth! Pine! Leo! Hanks! Ford!  I can go on and on!

Favourite Genres: Comic book movies! Suspense! Action! Comedy! Do I have to choose Not big on horror, but it’s ok.

Bio: Happily Married couple that goes to movies in spare time!  Absolute different favorites when it comes to movies!  He likes action/ sci-fi and is a huge comic nerd!  She likes based on true stories, Rom Coms and slapstick comedy (nothing raunchy)! Together they’ll let you know if a movie was worth paying the babysitter!  Think of them as the Chip & Joanna Gaines of the Cinema…..just minus the money and polish!