John Gray


Name: John Gray
Position: Writer
Born: 1984
Living: Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland

How I got into movies: The first movie I fell in love with was Jurassic Park, when I was ten. I read a magazine about the movie and learned what a director did, etc.. Ever since then I’ve loved movies and have been fascinated by the movie-making process.

What I love about movies: Being able to escape, be inspired, walk out of the cinema with new ideas. It sounds corny, but good storytelling can change your life.

Favourite films: Jurassic Park, The Empire Strikes Back, The Thing, Batman Begins, Gladiator, Alien, Arrival, Space 2001. There are so many.

Favourite Actors: Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks, Anthony Hopkins.

Why I started writing: I first started writing in my early teens, having been inspired by movies, novels and video games. For a long time I wanted to be a director, but in many ways writers have far more freedom in the stories they tell. I’m currently seeking representation for my finished novel, and am working on another.