Prakash Patel

Name: Prakash Patel
Position: Writer
Born: 18th December 2000
Living: Chhattisgarh, India

How I got into movies: I grew up watching movies because I am from a rural area were almost every kid grow up playing games and watching T.V. in 2000s there were not much awareness about mobiles and video games . So in my growing years I have watch many movies and in our Village their is a free environment between children and adults we talk about movies ,the scene and about the characters . So  I develop sense for movies naturally . You can say that it is a gift to me by my surrounding . It’s a blessing to me.

Favourite films: Tarzen the wonder car, Genius, IRON MAN Newton, Bahubali and current favourite RRR .

Favourite Actors: Sushant Singh Rajput, Rajkumar Rao, Manoj Bajpeyi, Pankaj Tripathi, Robert Downey Jnr

Why I started writing: Initially I started writing essays because in my school time as my teachers said to me my essay about any topics were the best and informative they say that if they start reading my essay during evaluation of exam sheet they feel so connected and end up reading the whole essays. This sentence by my Language (Hindi) teacher boost my confidence and I continued to write in various occasions like show openings and ending remarks I started a Instagram page were I started writing poems and quotes. In recent COVID lockdown I started watching a YouTube channel named lallantop were I watched many stories, interviews and found this thing known as movie reviews and than I started presenting my views about various movies and one day one of my old friend called me and approaches me to write for his movies review blog . I found it interesting and started writing for his blog. I had also tried to write a book and I have publish my own book about reservation policy in India through KDP but I failed as no one wants to read it as it is in HINDI language it’s reach is to limited. But I will continue writing because I enjoy writing. I think is the best way to express your feeling. I you orally say something it will end in some time but written views will remain between the public for many thousands of years.

Favourite Genres:  Thriller , Action , Sci-fi , Biopic