Steven Wilkins


Name: Steven Wilkins
Position: Writer
Born: Germany

How I got into movies: In my youth I was always intrigued by visual storytelling and of course, lots of action.  Seeing the impossible become relatively possible is an amazing experience.

What I love about movies: Within the span of up to two hrs, a compelling story can unfold (or fail miserably) while shaping characters that one can only wish had a way of being real.  Escaping into fantasy just feels great.

Favourite films: The Game, Hush, , And Soon the Darkness, Vanishing on 7th Street, Spriggan, Princess Mononoke, Hook, Daylight, The Man from Nowhere, War of the Arrows, Ichi, Exam, Come back to Me, Walled In, Evidence, Spiderman 2 (Raimi), True Lies, Don’t Say a Word, Long Kiss Goodnight, Along Came a Spider, Akira, Paprika, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, True legend, Duck Soup, Hanna, Steal, Ong Bak 1-3, Ip Man, The Messenger, Gladiator, The Patriot, Kiss kiss Bang Bang, Anon, Blood and Bone, You’re Next, I Saw the Devil, Road to Perdition, Paper Towns, Rogue One, Timecrimes, Cashback, Student Services, The Den, We are still Here, Ninja Scroll, Man of Steel, Batman Returns, As Good as it Gets, Somethings Gotta Give, Primal, Mama, The Ward.

Favourite Actors: I don’t really have any.  I’m just an avid movie lover in general.

Why I started writing: Escapism. Creating newworlds/characters/stories is a treat to myself and hopefully the reader(s).

Favourite Genres: Horror, Action, Psychological Thrillers, Fantasy and Sci-Fi.