Elvis (2022) Movie Review

Elvis is a celebration of his music and enduring influence. Presented with loads of panache, it’s a wildly entertaining and ultimately poignant film…for fans, non-fans and newcomers alike.

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Tin Can (2020) Movie Review

The narrative is a little draggy during the first act, but there’s more action in the film than its concept would suggest, especially once Anna attempts to take control of her dire circumstances. Featuring a solid performance by Hopkins under confined conditions, and a bit of timely social commentary thrown in for good measure, Tin Can is a dark, gruesome good time.

The Lost City (2022) Movie Review

Deja vu runs through nearly every aspect of The Lost City – even the title – but you could say that about any AC/DC song you’ve ever heard. Seldom laugh-out-loud hilarious and bereft of any narrative surprises, it’s nevertheless an agreeable spin on a tried-and-true formula, slickly assembled and performed by a band that knows the formula pretty well.

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