Night Shift Review

Night Shift (2018) Movie Review

Director: Stephen Hall
Writer: Stephen Hall
Stars: Ashleigh Dorrell, Matthew O’Brien, Angel Hannigan

Directed and written by Stephen Hall, this horror centers around Amy, a young woman terrified of the dark, strapped for cash who takes a third shift receptionist job at the recently renovated hotel once home to a series of brutal murders.  Starting off very slow, you definitely find yourself eager for fear to kick in and when it finally does you actually don’t wanna budge as the story itself picks up some much-needed pace.

Amy finds herself having to save some of the staying guests from a murderer roaming the halls though all isn’t what it seems as time itself begins to warp within the walls. Only armed with a flashlight and a walkie-talkie link to her partner, her shift takes many turns for the worst.

Nightshift does well to pull the viewer in giving you a decent sense of shared fear, especially in the darkness.  A lot of films have a difficult time presenting absolute dark but even with a low budget this film does very well to make you feel as if you’re trapped within only the beam of your flashlight.

Thankfully, void of jump scares, the overall fear factor is about a 7/10. The acting is believable and the story isnt too full of itself to push the viewer away.

Nightshift is a solid viewing with a pretty good twist well worth a bowl or two of popcorn, enjoy


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